why attend?

Why Attend WAHC 2021?

It has been well over a year since the pandemic changed the way we do business. Zoom became our preferred method of communication, travel consisted of walking from your kitchen to the backyard, and our vocabulary increased with concepts like asynchronous learning and social distancing.

Through all of this upheaval, the pool and hot tub industries experienced historic growth - which has increased the need for certified operators, water safety education, and an understanding of public health and safety issues related to pool ownership.

It is within this landscape that PHTA is hosting the 18th Virtual World Aquatic Health Conference on December 7-9! Join us to celebrate our industry and how we continue to adapt, evolve and grow. The ability to pivot to the virtual world guarantees the event will take place while delivering the highest quality content in the industry.  


Save Money and Time

Attending WAHC 2021 is approximately 75% less expensive than the cost of attending an onsite event.  You will save money on travel, hotel, and food expenses, and time by skipping the hassle of airport security, travel delays, check-in lines.



Less travel time means more time for the things that really matter. WAHC 2021 allows you to use the time you would be traveling to report back to colleagues on key lessons learned. Our event is the ultimate come-as-you-are experience: you just need a computer and internet connection. Don’t forget to bring your favorite cup of Joe.


On-Demand Education

For only $14 per session, you’ll have access to 35 extraordinary educational sessions to view on your own time and at your own pace.  With on-demand content available to attendees 24/7, you will be able to attend every session, which would have overlapped at an in-person event. At WAHC 202`, you will have more flexibility and more options.


Continuing Education

Need to renew those continuing education units (CEUs)? WAHC is the perfect opportunity to gain incredible education and maintain your certification with WAHC programs offering IACET CEUs.  As an IACET Accredited Provider, PHTA offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.


Real-Time Feedback

Virtual WAHC 2021 gives you the opportunity to provide immediate feedback. You can chat online with fellow attendees, ask questions — and even have those questions translated from your preferred language — in real-time.


Interactive Audience Engagement

The active desktop through which the audience is viewing WAHC 2021 can be optimized to suit individual preferences, thereby maximizing personal engagement, and leading to interactive Q&A sessions and discussions over social networking platforms.


Essential, Simple Networking

Create lasting professional relationships at WAHC 2021, where networking will be simple and scalable. Instead of having to coordinate schedules to track down fellow attendees in a large convention hall, you will receive a full list of attendees in each virtual room, making it easy to begin one-on-one chats. Virtual networking rooms can also facilitate discussion, creating connections between attendees interested in similar topics. In addition, our virtual exhibit hall will offer information on exciting products and services as in-person events, complete with messaging between attendees and exhibitors.


Socially Responsible

At PHTA, the health and well-being of our staff, speakers, and attendees is paramount.  Virtual attendance at WAHC 2021 promises to be a safe and environmentally-friendly event.


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