Learning Aquatic Facility Management from Within!

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Presenter: Don Cramer, Regional Operations Manager/Training Director, Collins Pool Management



This session is designed to cover the day-to-day operations of Water Parks, Commercial Swimming Pools, and Wading Pools. We’ll examine a high-level overview of staff management, patron safety, pump room operation, and Department of Health Inspections.


Learning Objectives

  • Create a Staff Plan to accommodate the daily demands of Aquatic Facilities.
  • Define the requirements for safety inspections.
  • Develop an operational checklist to provide a safe environment for visiting patrons including VGB Requirements.


Presenter Bio

Don Cramer

Don Cramer has more than 26 years of experience with aquatic facility management and has managed several water parks, lifeguard training, commercial and residential pool repair, and equipment installation. Cramer has owned and operated a service and repair company along with being a CPO Instructor for over 20 years. He is currently an Operations Manager and Training Director for a Commercial Swimming Pool Management Company in Northern Georgia.


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