Understanding Legionella and Legionnaire's Disease in Aquatic Systems: Strategies to Mitigate Bather Exposure

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Presenter: Vance Fiegel



Over the last year, there has been a significant increase in the reports of Legionnaire's Disease due to exposure of bathers to Legionella bacteria at aquatic facilities. While deadly outbreaks of Legionnaire's Disease are not a daily headline, the actual occurrence of Legionnaire's Disease is widely known to be significantly under-recognized and under-reported. This presentation will educate the aquatics community on the basic biology of Legionella, examine the health effects and risks associated with Legionella and define strategies that can be implemented to reduce Legionella exposure in hot tubs and swimming pools.


Learning Objectives

  • Examine the current status of Legionnaire's Disease in the aquatics industry
  • Discuss the unique biology of the Legionella bacteria
  • Identify health effects and risks of Legionnaire's Disease
  • Review issues with hot tubs and pools that can lead to Legionella exposure
  • Identify strategies to reduce exposure to Legionella and decrease the risk of Legionnaire's Disease


Presenter Bio

Vance D. Fiegel began his career at the University of Minnesota where he studied the basic biology of inflammation, angiogenesis and wound healing. Upon leaving the University, he co-founded Embro Corporation, a privately held biomedical research and development company. In 2003 he co-founded Creative Water Solutions, LLC to develop and commercialize the use of Sphagnum moss for water treatment, including swimming pools and spas, industrial water, wastewater, and drinking water. Fiegel is the Co-Founder and Chief Science & Technology Officer of Creative Water Solutions, LLC, the President of Embro Corporation and the Co-Founder and Chief Science & Technology Officer of Atlantic BioVentures, LLC.

Vance Fiegel