Pool Disinfection: Stories from the Field

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Presenters: Jeffery Gaulding, Ph.D. and John Weber



From chemical and microbiological contamination resulting from both environmental and anthropogenic sources, several challenges are facing the pool operator. Microbial contamination in pools can range from nuisance, as in algae, to serious health risks in the form of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Best practices to achieve clean and sanitary water have varied over the decades as a function of time, geographical location, and type of venue. These changes in practices have included assay methods, minimum disinfectant levels, changes in filtration type, turnover rates, and pathogens of concern. This presentation will consider examples from the scientific literature with an emphasis on practical learnings from real pools. Decades of interest from scientists and public health officials have provided us with valuable insights and case studies about when disinfection failures occur.


Learning Objectives

  • Examine proper pool disinfection
  • Review sanitation field studies
  • Pool Maintenance


Presenter Bios

Dr. Jeffrey Gaulding, Ph.D. is a Senior Formulation Chemist with Biolab and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Georgia Tech and his B.S. from Emory University. During his doctoral work, he was awarded several fellowships, including being appointed to a National Institutes of Health training grant. He began his career in the pharmaceutical industry and has been working in the pool and spa industry for several years. Dr. Gaulding is also a Certified Pool & Spa Operator and recently joined the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance's Recreational Water Quality Committee.

Jeffrey Gaulding


John Weber is a Senior Formulation Chemist with Biolab and has been in the swimming pool and hot tub industry for more 23 years. He has served on the Recreational Water Quality Committee for the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance for many years and was involved in the creation of the ANSI Standard 11 for Water Quality in Commercial Pools and Spas. He has been involved in many articles, educational presentations and publications and currently holds two patents. John is a Certified Pool Operator and has managed many pools in his years in the industry.

John Weber