Every Child A Swimmer - Florida 2020

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Presenter: Bill Kent, Ph.D.



In Florida, there is a legislative proposal that, if it were to pass, for the foreseeable decades, tens of thousands of Floridians will be positively impacted. People who would have feared water throughout their lives will have moved past that fear, many of them embracing water activities as a normal part of their lives. Since only 40% of Americans know how to swim, the enactment of this legislative proposal will help our society overall in terms of healthier lifestyles, lower medical costs, and the joy of living, since there is no life without water. During this session, we will review the proposed legislation and how it could impact our industry.


Learning Objectives

  • Create a long-term vision for "every child a swimmer" through the legislative process
  • Examine how swimming qualifies as a "basic need" in parenting
  • Review the 10 reasons why every child should have swimming as a life-skill
  • Answer common questions about this Learn-to-Swim Proposal


Presenter Bio

Dr. Bill Kent, Ph.D. is currently the Chairman of the Board for the International Swimming Hall of Fame and contributed to its positive evolution of late: Rebuilding of the Aquatic Complex through a 27-year lease commitment by the City of Fort Lauderdale and contributor funding. Dr. Kent is also a Global Business Specialist for the Pool/Spa Industry as CEO of Team Horner Group based in South Florida.

Bill Kent