Biomechanics for Race Analysis

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Presenter: Abigail Fish



Technique, analytics, and analysis are all vital to increasing swimmer performances. During this seminar, we'll examine how the rise and use of technology can improve the individual's performance and how coaches and swimmers can use something as simple as their cell phone to help strengthen their swimmers' performance.


Learning Objectives

  • What is Race Analysis?
  • Examine how to perform a race analysis
  • Identify key metrics and technique looked for during a Freestyle Race Analysis
  • Examine a few case studies on different swimmers.


Speaker Bio

Abbie Fish swam the freestyle and butterfly strokes during her career at the University of Georgia and qualified for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials. Throughout her career, she has affiliated with The Race Club, Nashville Aquatic Club, and USA Swimming. Currently, Abbie runs her own company, Swim Like A. Fish, where she coaches clients throughout the world on how to swim faster, by swimming with better technique.

Abigail Fish