By registering for WAHC, you agree to the following terms:  

Recording—Audio / Video / Streaming / Photography

By registering for the WAHC, you consent to PHTA's Audio / Video / Streaming / Photography Policy. PHTA, or its contractors, may audio record, video, and/or photograph the various aspects and activities of WAHC for both archival and promotional purposes. Photography and/or recordings (including audio and video) during WAHC is allowed, and such photos and/or recordings are the exclusive property of PHTA.?In addition, any such photos and/or recordings of Exhibits or Sponsors may require the permission of the Exhibitor or Sponsor.?Photos and/or recordings cannot be copied, altered, sold, exhibited, or further distributed without PHTA's prior written consent.?PHTA retains the right to revoke consent.?No disruptions due to photography and/or recording shall be allowed, and violators may lose attendance privileges.

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